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Our Mission


It is the intent and desire of the Colorado Stock Horse Association to provide a safe, fun and educational venue for amateur horse enthusiasts to show their horses in the State of Colorado.  To provide this environment, the Association sets forth these values:

  • We believe in providing regular horse shows throughout the spring and summer months, thus enabling the horse enthusiast of any age to demonstrate his or her ability and the training of his or her animal under the observation of an accredited judge.

  • We believe in holding these horse shows in a safe and enjoyable manner to promote camaraderie and friendship among participants, thereby facilitating a learning atmosphere.

  • We believe in providing an atmosphere where professionalism, honesty and integrity prevail and sportsmanlike conduct will be paramount.

  • We believe in operating this Association in the best interests of a variety of horse breeds and a diversity of riding disciplines.

Humane Treatment of Horses

Every horse shall, at all times, be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion.


The horse's welfare is paramount to other considerations and the continual development of procedures which ensure humane treatment of all horses involved in CSHA events, and fair competition, supersedes all other concerns.

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